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Gary Brown is native to the Chicago area. He was raised in Elmhurst, Illinois and now lives in Naperville, Illinois. Since childhood, Gary saw value and

art in everyday objects that most people overlook or take for granted. Gary’s
artistic creativity brings new life to discarded or found objects through
3-dimensional assemblages, photographic images and drawings.


Upon viewing the portfolio on Gary’s website, you will find a variety of colors, shapes, and objects that will stimulate the mind and bring a smile to your
face You may see something that will be that unique special gift, enhance your home and work environment or, reflect your passions. 


Gary shared; “I get a lot of satisfaction when people look at my art creations and recognize items in them that bring back pleasant memories.” 


Gary has consistently shown his work in Chicago & Suburbs, plus various art
galleries and businesses. Gary has received multiple awards including
several Judges Awards and Best of Show. 

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